One of the most important principles in every democratic society is the provision to equal opportunities and learning possibilities, which means that the educational system plays an essential part in the mitigation of social disparities. Specifically, it is necessary to ensure the equality between all students who need it (both male and female) in the education system, but, mainly, to ensure the equality between all students and students with disabilities and special educational needs.
Bearing this in mind, in recent years there has been a growing awareness at an international level and as a result many global organizations have had a positive approach towards people with special needs in general but also towards students with special educational needs in particular. That being the case, many countries have been rethinking their legislative policies by adopting inclusion in education and by establishing a high-quality, holistic, sustainable and especially accessible school environment, regardless of students’ gender, race, religion, appearance, ideology, physical and mental potential.

In the context of inclusive education and aiming to improve inclusive teaching practices through the specialization of teaching staff, we designed and implemented this Interinstitutional-Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme organized by the Department of Greek Philology of the Democritus University of Thrace and the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (I.I.&T.) of the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” entitled “Specialization in ICTs and Special Education – Psychopedagogy of Inclusion”.

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